You don’t like clubbing? Oh, you must be boring!

Who else has heard this? Well, not in those exact words but it’s close enough. Isn’t it so annoying? Here’s the other side of the argument. It’s been on my mind for some time.

Clubs aren’t for everyone. Personally, I find the majority of the music played in them is terrible and that the place normally stinks. On numerous occasions, I have found myself separated from the people I came out with, left getting hit on by some creep who won’t take no for an answer.

“Please don’t get offended.” This is what I have often wanted to say to well-meaning people who have tried to get me to go clubbing with them. It’s horrible when people act like it’s personal. It used to make me feel so guilty because I so badly wanted to get to know them but I just couldn’t stand the thought of going to a club, yet again!

What’s so fun about getting puked on, cutting your feet on broken glass, having men look at you like a piece of meat, wolf whistling and grinding up against you. I don’t find this behaviour attractive at all. What’s wrong with actually getting to know people?

This doesn’t happen every time, but then other times, I’ll just be bored and gradually be getting a headache from all the lights and noise. I hate coming back from a night out and having such bad tinnitus that you can barely hear anything.

I’ve tried to explain myself before but people just used to tell me that it would be more fun if I drank. But I do and it makes no difference. Give me a pub any day. They have way more atmosphere. Plus, pool tables! I am still terrible at pool by the way.

And to those who say I’m missing out by choosing not to go clubbing and that it’s what university is all about. I have to disagree. I did not come to university thinking it was going to be one big party and just because I don’t go clubbing, it doesn’t mean I haven’t had my fair share of weird/crazy experiences. But then again, I am a drama student…

University is also about broadening your horizons, figuring things out and becoming a more well rounded and confident person. I’m not saying that you can’t do both: party hard and acheive. That would be stupid. But don’t you wish people understood? Everyone is different and just because they don’t like what you like, doesn’t make them boring. To anyone whose ever moaned at me for this, try getting to know me and then you’ll see that I am in no way dull. Can you just accept me, and other non-clubbers, for who we are rather than insulting us?


Amy x


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