Things that may happen on a Drama course…

  • You may freak out your flatmates as they overhear you rehearsing and have to convince them that you aren’t as insane as you sounded.
  • You may cover yourself in a strange combination of liquids, all for the sake of ‘art’.
  • On a good day, you’ll think you’re sooooo smart just because you are surrounded by books about philosophy, history, psychology, culture and more!
  • But then you remember that the other day you were pretending to be a wild animal and some people were getting so into it that they actually tried to sniff your bum. And then you cringe some more as you remember that you actually hissed back at them.
  • But what about all these intellectual debates? The ones which go on forever and it turns out in the end that nobody really believed in what they were arguing for in the first place.
  • You might find that some drama exercises result in tears because you went too deep into your own brain.
  • Then again, some days you’ll be back to shouting at curtains and walls and wondering what the hell you are even learning.
  • You will question your sanity, especially when you’re pretending to be escaping from a crocodile in a sewer.
  • You might be told that you make a beautiful dead body and not be sure whether you were being complimented or insulted.
  • You may spit ketchup all over the person who is marking your performance (but that might just be me).
  • You will wonder if your degree will be worth anything.
  • You may realise that acting is one of the silliest things you can do and that it doesn’t really make any sense. But you’ll still love it.
  • You’ll laugh a lot, cry a bit and bash your head against the wall. But you’ll have a lot of fun and wonder where the time went.
  • Jazz hands.



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