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It’s been a while…

…and I miss uni so much! I don’t miss the lectures or the long dull essays but I do miss the people, the silly societies, the events and the fun creative assignments. Of course, there’s still plenty of creative stuff to get on with. Am working on three novels. One is being edited, the other is a fantasy epic whilst the other is a much shorter children’s book that I am writing for my little sister. Hopefully I’ll have it finished before she’s too old for it. I also plan to audition for a Vicar of Dibley play which is exciting but terrifying all at once. It’s been ages since I did any public speaking and even longer since I did any acting. Deep breaths…

Still haven’t found what you would call a proper job. I work part time in a kitchen but have applied for some jobs more suited to me and have an interview next week. Only problem is, it’s in Ipswich. Never even been there before. So here’s hoping I don’t get lost. As for graduate jobs, I’m keeping my eyes open and applying for paid internships. My ideal career would involve a lot of freelancing so am setting up my own projects. The first is a new website where I review books and write articles about writing.

Any exciting news in my life right now…not really, except!!!! I must tell you of this most amazing drink. Get yourself some white hot chocolate, pour in a dash of milk, stir, then add two small spoons of vanilla syrup, stir, hot water, stir (lots of stirring) and you get a heavenly drink resembling hot melted milky bars. Mmmmm!

Slowly Going Mad

Things are starting to get weird. I haven’t updated this blog for a while but now, I need to take a break from my screenplay for just a second and this is a good distraction. I’ve just introduced a new character. A pigeon, who’s sort of a spy pigeon (if they exist) who goes by the name of Feathers and enjoys watching cartoons. Seriously, when I started writing this, it was just a plain sci-fi drama but it seems I can’t write anything serious anymore. I then accidentally made myself laugh: “Protesters were apprehended this morning outside of the Houses of Parliament. It is said that they were arguing against the reinstatement of the death penalty. They have been executed.” Not sure if this is even funny but for some reason it amused me. Maybe I just have a dark sense of humour? Bugger! This is not meant to be funny. It’s about debating issues to do with human rights. Well, in part. Mainly it’s about how cool it would be to have technology that enables people to watch, record and influence dreams. Cool, but creepy. I’ve been keeping a dream journal too. Why you may ask? Oh, I don’t know. For fun? Anyway, if anyone were to watch my dreams, they’d probably think I was mad. Just the other night, I dreamt I was a tiny little fairy with sparkly wings. A few nights before that I was a super villain flying above the sea and then another night, I mysteriously transformed into a baked bean. Actually, last night was kind of creepy. I was on some sort of big adventure when suddenly I was being stalked by this thing called ‘the breath’ which was basically just this sinister breath on the air that followed me wherever I went and made me really ill and evil. Spooooky. Aren’t dreams fun? That’s all from me for now. Back to the screenplay…let’s see where it goes.

Naked Zombies!

Seriously, I don’t know how to get around this. Argh! The images people will be plagued with if they decide to read the sequel to Crystal Guardian! Maybe I should explain…

I have decided to start writing the sequel to my first novel (which admittedly still needs some work itself). Now, there are these beings in this novel that, when killed, they end up encased in crystal until they can be resurrected. I had this idea that something would happen that would bring all these half-dead people back to life as zombie like creatures.

The problem is, it’s been established that when these people are encased magically into crystal, their clothes do not go with them so now the way my story is going, we’re going to have a load of naked zombies running around. Maybe I should just go with it.

As for Crystal Guardian, there have been no Harper Voyager updates for aaages, so as far as I know, I’m still in the final 550/4500-ish. I can’t remember the numbers exactly. Still quite chuffed about this because I never thought any of my stuff was any good. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, just a short blog today. I just wanted to share the ‘naked zombies’ thing. I thought it was a bit of a funny problem.


I have a fantastic idea! At least, I hope it’s fantastic. I was just sitting on the train, thinking about a piece of writing I did in one of my classes and it just hit me. I scribbled my ideas down and I feel excited about this one. I only write about the things that make me excited and I felt the exact same way about my first novel, Crystal Guardian (still waiting on Harper Voyager). It’s a little sad though. I don’t feel the same way about C.G anymore. Instead I just want to edit it all and change it and if I don’t stop it’ll never be finished. I haven’t touched it in well over a year though because of submitting it the Harper Voyager thing. Thinking I’ll start writing the sequel soon.

It’s been a long odd day. Woke up at half six (amazing for me) because was going to Nottingham to meet up with my Dad and Becks. I was on the train when I got the call that they probably couldn’t make it because the car broke down. Oh well, I thought, these things happen. The disappointment didn’t really hit me until I returned back to Ormskirk (9 hours after leaving in the first place!) And then I got a little sad because I miss everyone so much and hadn’t really been thinking about it. I kept telling myself, you’ll be meeting up with Dad and Becks soon and that’ll cheer you up. But still, I’m home for Christmas anyway in three weeks!

It’s a little funny though. You would’ve thought that the train would be the unreliable mode of transport, not the car. And what’s extra funny is that, if you think about it, I basically travelled four hours to get to Nottingham for a sandwich and a milkshake. I only stayed an hour and nearly fell asleep on the way back. Had to fork out a lot more money than I thought I would have to on the train ticket too and hadn’t reserved a seat so had to sit outside the smelly toilet in that cold dingy area where they keep the bikes. Still, let’s look at the positives:

1) If this hadn’t have happened, I would not have had that time to think and dwell on my FANTASTIC idea which is making so excited I think this idea should have its own dance.

2) I saw loads of awesome things today. Well, awesome in my opinion. Baby horses, marvellous green hills, sheep and clusters of bunny rabbits and a sunset that looked like someone had spilt tubby custard into the clouds.

3) I never would have met this really quirky looking young man who has now inspired me in one of the characters of this FANTASTIC idea.

4) I probably wouldn’t have felt the need to get a dominoes when I got home as normally I do the food shop on a Saturday. It was lovely.

5) Talking of food, it was a pretty good sandwich that I had down in Nottingham too.

6) I would never have rushed to finish my drama presentation and would still be panicking my head off about it now.

7) I wouldn’t have any idea what to blog about today.

So, Dad and Becks, if you happen to read this. Don’t apologise. It wasn’t your fault anyway, these things happen and despite it all, I’ve had a pretty cool day. Lots of love x

What else can I ramble about? Nah, nothing. I’m all out now. Think I’m going to write up this FANTASTIC idea and perhaps choreograph a fancy dance to go with it, or not. I imagine any dance I do will be absolute pants so I’ll just stick to the writing.

Ciao for now,



I miss NaNoWriMo/ Selandris

There are too many assignments to get done, so sadly, I decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year. I’m still working on my little projects, just not getting as much done as I hoped to. I’m going to have to start organising my time better. My main project is still ‘Selandris’ – an epic fantasy adventure novel about a magic wielder called Zev who wants to keep his world a secret. The problem is he unwillingly becomes the leader of a group of outcasts who will do everything in their power to reveal it. I’m still trying to make it a little less cliché sounding. Here’s a short introduction, and yes, I kind of like dialogue a little too much:

Bound in chains, a mousey young woman with shadowed eyes was led down the aisle. No-one looked away. Two guards dragged her up worn away steps to the stand where she was to make a hopeless plea.

            “What is your name?” said King Xachrius. No reply. The woman sniffed and kept her head down. “No, you’re right. Your name isn’t important.” Xachrius strode towards the bench where the shivering woman sat. He sneered at her tattered clothes, the dirt and scars smattered across her face. “What magic do you do?” he spat. Silence. No-one dared even to shuffle their foot until a soft voice echoed from the corner of the room.

            “Please,” said Immortia. Shocked whispers reverberated across the court but the king paid them no attention. “You made exceptions for my people,” she continued. “They are not so different.”

            “They’re dangerous,” said Xachrius.

            “You do not find the gifts of my people a danger?”

            The king breathed deeply, tore himself from the crowd and towards Immortia, standing by the window being showered by evening sunlight. He took her hand but leant in close so that the people could not see him doing so.

            “You are not like them,” he whispered so only she could hear. “They are twisted and tainted by darkness.”

            “Darkness does not always equate to evil,” she said, squeezing his hand.

            “But a person tempted by such must be,” he urged. Immortia said nothing, smiling sadly.

Writing Problems

Writing is fantastic. It’s also a pain in the toe. (I say toe, because stubbing a toe is more painful than having a sore bum) Anyway, it’s been weeks since I last wrote any of my novel and for many reasons:

1) I can’t think of what to write next.

2) The silly thing is, I know what’s meant to happen but can’t put it into words.

3) I’m lazy.

4) I tell myself I can always just leave the document open and quickly check Facebook…

5) And there’s this thing I want to do on the Sims…

6) And I bet I could get some research in…

7) And watch the next Star Trek episode…

8) Then I remember my other obligations and close everything down, feeling like a failure.

9) Only, when I return, the cycle starts again.

10) Then I get hungry so I go to the kitchen to cook some rice. I sit down our wonderfully comfortable bean bag and distract myself with a book.

11) The rice has burned. Who burns rice? Honestly!

12) So I shove some chips in the oven and apologise for stinking the flat out.

13) Then I realise, I’m just listing random things that have happened to me in the past couple of weeks rather than discussing writing problems.

14) So I go back to my novel, add another word and calculate how long it will take to complete if I keep writing at this pace.


Harper Voyager Submission

Good morning, blimey I’m tired. Too many vivid nonsensical dreams last night. Anyway…

Last October, I submitted a manuscript for the open submissions and received an e-mail a few months later saying it was still under consideration. Since then, I wondered if perhaps it had been forgotten about until yesterday, it turns out that out of 4500ish submissions, mine has made the final 550. Okay, so being published is still a long shot (about a 2% chance I think if you assume each submission has an equal chance of being picked – and I’ve heard they’re picking 12 but I could be wrong) but I’m just pleased because maybe my novel wasn’t as bad as I thought it was!

Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone else.